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The Security Locknut

The Security Locknut is an all-steel, fully reusable, prevailing torque locknut. It is a one-piece assembly of a spring steel insert lock ring and robust steel nut body.

These industrial-strength fasteners are used to secure bolted joints on critical applications on railroad tracks, rolling stock, locomotives, mining chains, vibratory equipment, mining equipment, material handling equipment, crushing & pulverizing equipment, cutting blades, tunneling machines, roller coasters, and much more.

The oval-shaped lock ring resists vibration by clamping perpendicularly about the bolt axis (more on this at our blog: https://www.securitylocknut.com/blog/).

Primary Industries Served


Material Handling

Crushing & Pulverizing

Our Leadership

Director of Business Development

Dave May

Engineering, Designing, and Delivering Best-Fit Bolted Joint Solutions

Chief Executive Officer

Raymond Wiltgen

Driving Growth, Innovation, and Operational Excellence

Our Story

Learn about the over 100-year history of Security Locknut. Click here.

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