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Fishplate and Bowplate Clamp

ClampLok® is a simple, easy to use, robust solution for temporary fishplate and bowplate clamping, designed to address issues experienced by heavy haul operators.

  • Linear clamping force proportional to applied torque
  • Patented “Distal Pivot” between the two clamped faces to increase clamping force
  • 100% straight bolt alignment through the spherical washers ensuring that the bolt never bends, eliminating a failure point entirely
  • Full clearance around the rail foot edge ensuring that ClampLok®  never binds on the foot, again maximizing clamping force
  • Simple, easy locking mechanism incorporating Security Locknut
  • Suitable for US rail sizes matched to US joint bars (as per AREMA Chapter 4)

Designed, developed, and tested in Australia by


Each Clamplok® comes standard with a robust Security Locknut. The Security Locknut is an all-steel, fully reusable, prevailing torque locknut. It is a one-piece assembly of a spring steel insert lock ring and robust steel nut body.

Also Available with ClampLok®

ClampLok® Rapid Response Kit with Milwaukee tools & attachments

  • ClampLok® (2)
  • Spare bolt and nut
  • Torque wrench
  • Charger
  • Socket

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