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Our Story

Scroll through the story of Security Locknut below.

How It All Began

In December 1915, Edward A. Green invented the “nut and retainer.” A few years later, he patented the “nut lock,” paving the way for what is now known as the Security Locknut.

This unique locking nut was said to be originally used on military applications during the decades of World War I and World War II.

Drawing from 1915.

Drawing from 1921.

Print advertisement from the 1970s.

Print advertisement from the 1970s.


Decades of Reliability

Security Locknut’s popularity grew steadily through the 20th and on into the 21st century, expanding into new industries like railroad, mining, vibratory equipment, and material handling.

Its versatility as an all-steel, fully reusable locknut widened its range. Its capabilities under extreme vibration and environmental conditions ensured its success.


Security Locknut Continues to Grow

Around 2010, the company changed hands and its current management team brought the product and the company into the modern era.

The same elite performance is now heightened by accentuated quality practices, creative and dynamic bolted joint problem solving, a larger manufacturing facility, and state-of-the-art processes. 

Security Locknut owners and operators Ray (left) and Dave (right).

CMM Inspection at Security Locknut

Security Locknut uses a coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) to monitor manufacturing consistency and quality. Check out the video below for a first-person view of the process.

From the Desk of Security Locknut Management


Does an Impact Wrench Properly Tighten Your Bolted Joint? Hint: Probably Not.

Here’s a recent field test showing the installing of a 2”x 4.5 nut that highlights the issue. Left: Nuts were initially tightened with an impact wrench set to 4500 ft lbs to achieve the required clamp load of 138,000 lbs. […]


Serving You

A large part of Security Locknut’s growth over the past decade has been in the hands of the team in Vernon Hills, Illinois. Security Locknut prides itself on timely and friendly customer service as well as detail-oriented engineering assistance.

ISO 9001 certified and constantly improving, Security Locknut takes on customers’ challenges and works collaboratively with customers to find best-fit solutions.

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